Posted on Nov 11, 2020

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Getting ESG management system in place takes time as it often requires changing the companies culture and method of operation?

Our experience suggests that good ESG performance is achieved when ESG is treated as a strategic business risk and is high up on the agenda at company board meetings thus providing investors and shareholder protection and beneficiation to broader stakeholders.

To assist in this we are also able to provide ENVIREX an integrated ESG technology platform that merges all environmental sustainability systems and processes in to one common cohesive framework that drives environmental strategies, initiatives and action plans thus ensuring ongoing improvement in the reduction of adverse impacts on the environment. Data such as energy consumption, water consumption, waste production, GHG emissions, SHE incidents and more are merged into a single database where it can be measured, trended and reported on enabling management to make informed decisions on their ESG performance, KPI’s and compliance.
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